Every Search Engine has two different audiences.

  1. Website owners or content creators
  2. Users who put queries on search engines

A Search Engine largely depends on both of these audiences. Why is Google a popular search engine? Because both of these audiences are actively using Google for their own benefits since 1997.

If a website owner does not submit his/her website for indexing, the Search Engine may not crawl that website until a backlink of that website is created. Google is the oldest search engine. Website owners have been actively using Google for ranking their website and it helps Google in providing relevant search results when a user puts a query in Google Search.

So, now let us say a new Search Engine comes and it has a very good algorithm which is capable of providing most relevant results.

But for this search engine to work, it must have enough data to provide results for any kind of query searched by the users. For that, it must crawl all the websites that are available on the internet(it can not wait for website developers to submit their website for indexing), which is a huge number. At the same time, it must process all the data gathered while crawling in order to give the most relevant results. Again, this will be a huge amount of data so it will take a lot of time to process.

Meanwhile, a user comes to the search engine and puts a query. Since the data is not completely gathered yet or has not been processed yet, he will not get the most relevant results. Due to this, he will go to the Search Engine which has provided the relevant search results in the past i.e. Google.

To summarize, Google Search Engine has been working since 1997 and it has been gathering and serving the data to the users for a very long time. It is almost impossible for any new search engine to replace Google even if it has the best algorithm. Although Google has a very good history of acquisitions. So, if you have a very good algorithm which has the potential to create competition for Google, there is a good chance that Google will try to buy it for a good amount.

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