This can happen either because you are getting too many irrelevant clicks or your landing page is not optimised for conversions.

Irrelevant clicks on ads:

Go to your campaign and click on “Keywords” and then click on “Search Terms”.

The search terms report is a list of search terms that people have used, and that resulted in your ad being shown and clicked.

Check all the Search terms. If the terms are not related to your business and/or products and/or services, you will never get conversions on your landing page as those people are not interested in your offerings.


  1. Add as many negative keywords as possible – Your ad will not be shown if any of the negative keywords appear in the search terms.
  2. Don’t use “Broad Match” keywords, use “Broad Match Modifier”,”Exact Match” and “Phrase Match”.

Poorly optimised landing pages:

After working on the keywords, check your landing page for following things:

  1. Landing page loads faster – It must load within 4 seconds. If not, at least above the fold area should be visible to the users within first 4 seconds. This will reduce the bounce rate.
  2. Landing page is relevant to the keywords and ad copies – Make sure landing page talks the same thing as your keywords and ad copies. If it is not relevant, users will bounce off the page. If your ad copy talks about a particular book, the landing page should contain the information about that book only. At least that book should appear in the above the fold area. You may show other books in the other sections of the page.
  3. CTA is easily accessible – Call-to-action should be easily visible and accessible to the users.
  4. Ask only relevant information – Don’t ask too much information to the users. If the service/product does not require the email address of the customer, don’t ask for it or at least keep it optional.
  5. Social proof and/or reason-to-believe is mentioned on the page – If your product is completely new to the users, social proof is important to establish the trust. Add testimonials(text or video) to the page. Video testimonials work better(IMO). If you don’t have testimonials, you must add the reason-to-believe such as the certifications, affiliations of the company, team members and qualification of the team members or anything else that can be used as a reason-to-believe.
  6. Conversion code is set up properly

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