It depends on the marketing goals, competition, target audience, products or services you are offering, the popularity of the brand among the target audience and there are so many other factors to this.

The major difference between these two platforms(Facebook and Google PPC) is the marketing strategy.

There are two basic marketing strategies: Push marketing and Pull marketing

Push marketing:

In this, we reach out to people who are not actively looking for our products or services. They are just surfing the internet and we push our ads in front of them. E.g. Facebook Ads.

In this, we target people based on their demographics, interests, etc. As people are not actively looking for us, in this case, we get a low conversion rate.

Pull marketing:

In this, we reach out to people who are actively looking for the products or services offered by us. E.g. Google PPC

Someone puts a query related to your business on Google Search and your ad appears in front of them. There is a good chance that the person will click on your ad and will become your customer.

If your target audience is right, your ad copies are appealing enough and you have used the right objectives, you can achieve good results in Facebook marketing alone.

Similarly, if you are targeting the right keywords, with relevant and appealing ad copies and you are using relevant and optimised landing pages, then you can achieve good results in Google PPC alone. 

Now, coming back to your question, which one is the best?

I would choose both, Facebook and Google ads for getting maximum results.

Here is my case study.

In June 2017, I was running a campaign for one of my clients(A unique raking machine for Poultry farms). They were new to the market, and they were offering a completely new product concept in that segment. We started with Google PPC ads as the client wanted to generate only relevant leads. But, due to very low awareness of the product, we weren’t getting enough leads through PPC.

To create awareness, we started an awareness campaign on Facebook.

Because of this, the number of search queries increased on Google Search which also increased the number of conversions. We also observed that many of those leads came to know about the product on Facebook and then they searched for the product on Google.

Since the brand or product was new to them, they were hesitant to click on our ads on Facebook. When they came to our landing page through PPC ads, they understood the product in detail, and the use of social proof(testimonials in text and video format) helped us in gaining their trust which eventually helped us in generating leads.

So clearly, Facebook marketing can be used to create awareness about your products or services among your target audiences and Google PPC can be used to generate highly qualified leads.

Before running your ads, make sure your prepare and visualize your ad funnel. Each activity should have a clear objective and based on the outcomes, the funnel can be optimized and generate maximum leads for the business.

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