There two ways to promote any kind of business:

  1. Paid promotions
  2. Organic promotions

As per the ethical code of conduct for the professions of Doctors, Chartered Accountants, Lawyers and Architects, they are not supposed to run paid marketing campaigns.

Why the Doctors, CAs, Lawyers and Architects can not run the ads?

While these are commercial businesses, these professionals are serving to the society, and ideally, they should be given the job based on their experience and not based on their offers in paid campaigns. This why these are the most respected professions in the community.

Imagine a doctor having 2-3 years of experience in treatments like Brain Surgery runs the ads and starts getting the clients. The doctor must be capable of doing the treatments, but the patients should be able to take the right decision while choosing the doctors and that should be based on the experience of that doctor, his success stories and not based on the paid ads which try lure people using offers and false information.

Then how can these professions promote their businesses?

You have worked with many clients and have many case studies which can be used for getting more and more clients. But you don’t know how to do it.

I understand your situation. And here are my tips using which you can promote your business organically.

Register your business on Maps

People who are new to a particular city try to search their queries on Search Engines. Search Engines try to show the listings nearest to the location of the users. Register your business on Maps to get customers nearest to your office location.


  1. Don’t just register your business on Google Maps. Register it on Bing Maps and all other maps services also.
  2. Optimize the map location
    • Add contact details
    • Add description
    • Upload photos and videos
    • Add products/services
  3. Ask your customers to post their reviews on your map location
  4. Check location insights regularly

Develop a website

The website is an owned media i.e. you can decide what can go on your website and in what format. You can prepare your online profile which you can share instantly with your clients. Your ideal customers would like to know more about you before scheduling an initial meeting with you. And, your website can be the best source of information for them.

Don’t forget Search Engine Optimization

Search Engines can drive organic traffic to your website for a long period. For that, you have to do SEO of your website. Hire an expert SEO consultant for that.

Create business listings on directory websites like JustDial, IndiaMart, Sulekha

People don’t look for their solutions just on Google or Bing. They also check the websites where many other businesses are listed. This helps them in assessing multiple options. You must create your profiles on all such websites. Don’t forget to add the right title, description, keywords, tags, etc. Your potential clients are going to search profiles on those websites using keywords and tags.

Share your knowledge

Your prospects are going to choose you over your competitors based on your knowledge and experience. Write blogs on the topics related to your domain frequently. Post it on your website, write guest posts on other websites, write articles for newspapers, magazine, etc.

Make sure these articles are pointing towards your social media profiles and/or your website. People should be able to connect with you after reading those articles. This is also known as backlinking. Your SEO consultant can tell you more on this.

Be active on Social Media

Get connected with your prospects and clients in social media accounts especially on LinkedIn and keep sharing your blog articles on the Social Media. Unlike Email and SMS, posts on Social Media do not disturb the normal routine of your clients. Generally, people come on Social Media to consume the content. Posting regularly on Social Media will increase brand recall and doing it consistently will help build a good brand image.

Participate in the forums

Participate in offline as well as online forums. I am personally benefiting from an online forum like Quora. Forums are the platforms where people go to find the answers to their questions. Your presence in the forums can increase your visibility and can eventually help you in getting clients for a longer period.

As technology evolves, you will be able to do more and more things to promote your business online. It is important to do these things regularly and consistently. There has to be a structured approach to this. It is always good to hire an expert consultant who will guide you through the process.

Are you struggling to drive organic traffic to your website?

I have a vast experience in driving organic traffic to the websites in different niches. If you also want to drive organic traffic to your digital assets and generate leads from it, contact me now.