Moving a website to a new domain name will surely affect the performance of your website negatively for a certain period.

Transfering SEO ranking is a risky task and I suggest doing this with the help of an expert in SEO. 

Follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that the website is live on both domain names.
  2. Add canonical URL tag on all the old web pages – point it to the new location of those pages.
  3. Submit old and new website to Search Engines for indexing – search engines will know the new location of the old website/pages.
  4. Wait for Search engine bots to crawl your website at least 2 times to register this change in their system.
  5. Then go to Google Search Console – Old Version
  6. Click on the Settings icon on the top right corner and then select “Change of Address”
  7. Follow the steps – you will have to add 301 redirections on your old website – this automatically redirects the users from old website to new website.
  8. Click on submit

This generally takes 180 days(as per Google Search Console) to transfer the ranking. So you will have to keep both websites live for at least 180 days.

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