I look at Digital Marketing as a two-step process.

Digital Marketing = Marketing Strategy + Digital Technology

i.e. we must first prepare the marketing strategy and then can use Digital Technology to implement that strategy.

People visit Facebook for their entertainment, socialise with their friends, find what’s trending, etc. But, they surely don’t visit Facebook to see our ads.

Then how can we make this platform so effective for marketing?

This is where marketing strategy plays an important role.

Even if these digital platforms have made the marketing process so easy, the traditional principles of marketing are still essential in this.

Understanding the consumer decision-making process – AIDA wiz. Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action – is important. There are many different versions of AIDA being used by marketers to have better control over their marketing activities.

If you haven’t heard about this yet, then you are not aware of many principles of Marketing. I recommend reading Marketing Management by Philip Kotler and Kevin Lane Keller. This book is called the Bible of Marketing. Every marketer must read this book.

You will find many people who run ads on Facebook saying “We get a good number of leads from Facebook when we boost our post or run Lead Generation Ads”.

If you look at their campaign statistics, you will find that the ad’s reach is, for example, 20,000+ and yet they got only 300 leads out of it. Then what about the remaining 19,700 people. Aren’t those people their target customers? If no, why are they targeting them in the first place? and if yes, then what are they going to do to convert these people?

The fact is, all those who filled their contact forms were already in Interest and/or desire stage of the consumer journey. So when that advertiser showed them an offer or interesting feature of their product/service via ads, he could generate the leads easily.

But many of the remaining people were not even aware of the Product, its features, the problems it solves, etc. Hence he couldn’t generate those leads.

So what would be the right method to do it?

There are many ways used by marketers all over the globe.

There is one more principle of marketing that plays an important role wiz. STP – Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

Segmentation – Segment the audiences based on their characteristics. Many marketers call it “Creating Audience Personas”. You have to segment the audience in a meaningful way so that it will have a meaningful persona. You can segment them based on their age, interests, demographics, behaviour and Pixel activities(in case of Facebook) or any other remarketing activities.

Targeting – Now, Out of all those audience personas you have to pick only those who you want to target at the current stage.

Positioning – Each audience persona has a different set of needs. If you prepare your communication based on their needs, there is a good possibility that they will respond to it. Based on their current position in the buyer journey(AIDA), you can plan the communication. If you are using a remarketing audience e.g. people who added items to the shopping cart but did not complete the transaction, you can show them the ads of those products with a discount offer or any feature of that product that will benefit them.

Once the positioning is done, there is one more step that I usually add wiz. the selection of platform for marketing. If you are going to target an audience segment that doesn’t spend much time on Facebook or Facebook doesn’t provide an option for targeting that segment, then what is the point in relying completely on Facebook for targeting that segment?

If that segment is spending more time on Quora, you must run ads on Quora, if they are spending more time on Youtube, you must run ads on Youtube.

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