Search Engine Marketing(SEM or PPC) is pull marketing technique in which we show ads to the people who are looking for the products or services provided by us.

Position in SEM depends on the bid amount and quality score.

But largely it depends on quality score.

Google Ads(previously AdWords) calculates the quality score based on the keyword-ad relevance, CTR and landing page experience.

It is really easy to get a quality score of 3 out of 10 for all of your keywords. All you have to do is, create separate ad groups for each set of your keywords and create ad copies that talk about those keywords only in the respective ad groups. This is commonly known as SKAG or Single-Keyword-Ad-Group.

By doing this you can easily satisfy keyword-ad relevance criteria.

CTR depends on your ad copy. If your ad copy is not relevant to your keywords in your ad group, you will get poor CTR. So, make sure your ad copy talks about your keyword.

Landing page experience depends on many factors. Relevance, bounce rate, page speed are some of those factors. Your landing page should contain the keywords used in your ad groups and ad copies. Also, your landing pages should load quickly, else users will bounce from your landing pages.

What is the best way to improve your position Google Ads?

Find out your competitors & check their information using online tools like SEMRush. SEMRush will tell you the keywords, ad copies and landing pages used by your competitors. and, try to do better than your competitors. If your quality score is higher than your competitors, your ad will rank higher.

Remember that, Google cares only about relevance and optimisation. If your ad is not relevant to the users, Google will not show it to them or it will give you lesser priority. Similarly, if your landing pages are not optimised and giving poor experience to the users, your ads will never rank higher.

If your quality score is low, you pay more for better position and if your quality score is high, you pay lesser and still get a good position in SEM.

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