Many people think that the website is a very small part of the business, and it is not required to put so many efforts in website planning. And, this is not true. Having a website is as important as having a business card, letterhead or company email address. In the last 20 years, websites have become an integral part of the branding activities.

95% of your customers are going to check your website when they hear about you for the first time. In today’s digital world, where the attention span of people has reduced to less than 4 seconds, if your website does not properly communicate the information to the website visitors, if the website has poor UI/UX, if it does not follow the guidelines of Search Engines, it means you are already losing too many customers unknowingly.

Your website acts a communication media which helps in Marketing as well as Sales. Hence considering it just as an IT job can create serious troubles for your business.

A website development activity requires various resources such as a hosting company, a domain name, content writers, graphic designers, UI/UX experts, programmers or coders, testers, etc. When so many people are working on a project, there is a good chance that the resources will be misguided or there is no direction to the work or there is no goal for a particular resource – this adds so much rework to the projects and hence increases the costs and time required to finish the project. All this happens because of one simple thing – the website was not planned properly.

Let me give you a few examples:

  1. You kept blogs in the scope, but it is to be done at a later stage. But the content writer does not know about this, and he starts developing the content for the blogs alongside the content of the main website. Obviously, it will take more time for him to deliver the content for the main website, which will create a bottleneck for the designers and the programmers.
  2. You have already purchased some licensed vectors for your website, but your new graphic designer does not know about this, hence he starts developing fresh illustrations for the project or he buys it online – unnecessarily causing delay and increasing the cost of the project.
  3. The UI developer does not know the complete goal of the website or that goal was not documented or communicated properly to him and based on that information he developed a UI prototype. When you see the UI, you find that the services are missing, and you ask the developer to include it. UI developer then again changes the UI and sends it for approval, and you again find another thing that is missing from the UI – unnecessarily delaying the project due to gaps in the communication.

Defining the goals, preparing the sitemaps, listing the number of existing resources, establishing the right process for communication and reporting, these are the few activities that need to be done in the planning phase.

Like any other marketing activity, for our customers to understand the content of your website, the website structure has to be planned properly.

In the next article, I will discuss what is the right method to plan a website development project.

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