Are you a business owner, director, CEO, CTO, Marketing Manager or any other person in the company who is a decision-maker, and do you want to develop or redevelop/revamp your company website? Then you must read this article before starting any activity related to website development. This article is not for the websites having less than 10 pages.

These are a total of 6 articles and none of these articles talks about how to code the website. That is the technical part of the website. What we are going to discuss here is how do we plan the website that is delivered on time, that has a proper structure, that reflects your branding and that works as a marketing tool. The articles will educate you on the basic foundation for the website i.e. how to plan your website.

So this is a job for someone who has a leadership role in the company.

Read the articles on the following links:

  1. Why it is important to plan the structure of the website?
  2. What is the right method to prepare plan the website development?
  3. Importance of using website prototyping tools
  4. How to find the right candidate for developing the website?
  5. Why it is important to sign NDA with your website developer?
  6. How to track the progress of your website development project?

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