Google Ads(previously Google AdWords) for Search Engine Marketing is a powerful pull marketing tool.

Suppose you run a tattoo studio. Someone from your city wants to visit a tattoo studio but he doesn’t know any. So he goes on Google and searches for “Tattoo shops near me” and your ad appears in front of him. Since, he was actively looking for a service provided by you, there is a very high chance that he will become your customer.

But, Search Engine Marketing(SEM) is not so much simple and especially if you are advertising on Google, you need a solid plan and good knowledge of how Google Ads really work before starting your marketing activities.

I have been running ads on Google since past 4-5 years. The main concern of every business owner is the average CPC of their ads. Many of my clients were facing loss because of high CPC value and low conversion rate.

All this happens because of following things:

  1. Poor keyword research: Every Google Search Ads campaign should start with keyword research. Once all the keywords are finalised, you must divide the keywords into groups. All related keywords should be kept in a separate group. For example, “Tattoo studio” and “studio for tattoo” can form one group whereas “tattoo shop” and “shop for tattoo” can form another group. These groups are commonly called as Single-keyword-ad-group or “SKAG”. After that, add at least 2–3 ad copies in each ad group which will talk about the keywords in that particular ad group. This way, your ad will be relevant to your keywords or search query entered by the users.
  2. Poor landing page performance: Do not keep single landing page for all kinds of services/products. Create separate landing page for each service type. Explain that service in detail, what do you offer, cost structure, testimonials, etc. If your landing page is not relevant to the users’ query, users will not give you their details. Also, your landing page should load faster otherwise users will bounce before seeing your content.
  3. Low quality score: Quality score depends on keywords-ad relevance, ad CTR and landing page experience. If you have missed 1st and 2nd point, there is a good chance that you will get low quality score for your keywords. Low quality score will result in lower ad ranking and high CPC.
  4. Not adding negative keywords: I have seen many clients complaining about low conversion rate. Invalid clicks is one of the primary reasons behind low conversion rate in Google ads. Check Search terms report daily. Check if there are any irrelevant keywords searched by the users before clicking on your adIf your ad is appearing for a wrong keyword, add that keyword in negative keywords list. For example, you wouldn’t want your tattoo business’s ad to appear on “tattoo studio jobs”, so you should add “jobs” in negative keywords list.
  5. Not using Social proof: Provide social proof or reason to believe in your landing pages. If you are offering premium services, people would want to know the testimonials, your reach, your clients, number of projects handled by your company, etc. Provide the social proof so that users will be convinced to give their contact information to you.

I have been working on Google ads for a quite long time. I heard about “Click fraud” on display ads as ad publishers try to get fake clicks to earn extra money. But with Search ads, I never came across such problem in my accounts. Also, Google’s systems can easily find the wrong clicks and refund the money if they find invalid clicks.

Monitor your ads on a daily basis and report to Google if you find any problem/inconsistency on the campaign.

Tip: Just focus on relevance, if you keywords, ad copies and landing pages are relevant for the users, you will get surely a good conversion rate.

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