Website designing and development is a very saturated market. There are plenty of free courses available on Youtube and paid courses on websites like Udemy. There is no requirement of any degree or diploma for learning these skills. Because of this, there are plenty of developers available online for doing this job.

Website is an integral part of your branding and marketing communications, hence it is important to do careful and timely updates on the website. It is a long term association with your company and hence you need to choose your website developer wisely.

How to choose the right developer?

  1. Interview the developer

    You are not hiring the developer as an employee, but still, you should interview the developer. Your website developer or any other vendor, when he works for you, he becomes a part of your organization. He is going to coordinate with your team members and your other vendors such as Graphic Designers, Content Writers, etc. In a way, they represent your organization. Conduct an interview with him to understand his knowledge and experience in the field. Let him know about your company. Since this is going to be a long term association, it is always better to know each other and the interview can be the best way to do that.

  2. Ask for the past projects

    Checking past projects is the best way to judge anyone’s knowledge and experience. This will help you understand the capability of the developer. Ask for the projects, the time he required to finish those projects and if possible, ask the approximate costs for those projects – this will help you understand how much cost you may have to pay for your website.

  3. Check if he/she has the knowledge of SEO and the basic concepts of digital marketing

    There is no point in developing a website if you are not going to drive traffic to the website. You can drive traffic to the website using organic methods such as Search Engine Optimization or paid methods such as Search Engine Marketing. The developer should have basic knowledge on how to optimize the websites for SEO, SEM or any other digital marketing activity. If he doesn’t have that knowledge, you will have to hire some other developer whenever you will start the digital marketing activities on your website. The developer should know how to optimize the website for speed, how to add conversion and remarketing code, how to add advanced analytics and tracking on the website, etc.

  4. If he is freelancer, ask him about his time availability

    Freelancers generally do everything right from business development, coding to accounting in their business. The freelancer is going to coordinate with your Content Writer, Graphic Designer and other people in your team. You need to know about the availability of the freelancer, else there will be a situation of mismanagement in the project. This will delay project delivery. Get the information about his availablility or have an agreement on time availability.

Now that you have selected a right candidate, you must sign Non-Disclosure Agreement(NDA) with that candidate. Why? Click here to know more.

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