There are many factors that can have a positive or negative impact on your PPC ads. In my opinion, the following 5 things are essential for running profitable PPC campaigns:

A good strategy

Every digital marketing campaign needs a Marketing Strategy which will then be implemented using Digital Technology – in this case, PPC. Use the Keyword Planner tool to identify the competition for your keywords. Define your ideal cost per acquisition and there are many other things that you need to plan before starting the campaign. The strategy will give your campaign the right direction and it will be easy to track the progress and measure the success of the campaign.

Maintain a good quality score

The Quality Score is an important factor for getting a higher ranking for the ads. If the quality score is low, we have to bid high to get a higher ad rank, and if the Quality Score is high, even with a lower bid amount you will get a good ad rank.

Check the intention of the visitors(Search Terms Report)

The Search Terms Report will help you find the intention of the visitors of your website that came from PPC ads. Simply check the search terms, and if you are able to identify certain terms which are irrelevant, add them as negative keywords. For example, eople looking for PPT or brochures may not be your ideal customers for your ecommerce store. They might have come to your website to just consume the content and not to make any purchase. In that case, you can add such keywords in the Negative Keywords list so that your budget will be focused more on the people who are more likely to make purchase from you.

Run remarketing campaigns across different platforms

It is important to retarget the users based on the actions performed by them on your website. Many users are going to bounce from your website because of the lack of information or not understanding the information given on your page or due to technical errors or due to network errors and the list goes on. Through remarketing, you can retarget these people with different communications and try to convert them.

Increase Life-time-value AKA LTV of customers

In most of the industries, cost per acquisition always goes high. It is important to prepare & implement Cross-Sell and Upsell strategies to make the acquisition profitable.

Do you want to run profitable digital marketing campaigns for your business?

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