Quality Score shows how well your target audience is responding to your ads.

There is only factor that matter in this and that is “Relevance“.

Most of the online platforms, Facebook or Google or any other platform, earn money from the ads. The advertisers choose the platforms based on whether their target audience uses these platforms or not and with what frequency.

There are two aspects in this:

  1. If every section of the ads – keywords, ad copies, images, landing pages, offers – are not relevant to the users, you will never get the desired results. Why would someone fill up your form if your ad is not at all relevant?
  2. If the ads are not relevant to platform users or the links in the ads are dead or contains harmful content, the platform users will stop using those platform. No one wants their screen to be filled with irrelevant and annoying content. While the advertisers are important for these platforms, it is the users because of which the advertisers are choosing to run their ads on these platforms.

Quality Score helps ad platforms and the advertisers determine how relevant the ad is to the target audience. Each platform considers different factors and uses different metrics to calculate the Quality Score.

Just make sure that each and every part of your marketing funnel is relevant to your target audience. This will not only reduce your cost per result but it will also improve your ROI.

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