Search Engine Optimization is an organic method for driving traffic to the website whereas Google Ads is a paid marketing technique through which we drive traffic to the website by paying for each click or impression on the ads.

SEO is an ongoing method and requires continuous and consistent efforts to see the results. It generally take 30 to 45 days to start seeing the initial results and requires subsequent efforts to maintain and keep improving the ranking.

Google Ads start driving the traffic to your website immediately.

Google Ads and SEO use completely different algorithms and hence Google Ads will never have any impact on SEO except for the one thing.

When can Google Ads have any impact on SEO?

Ideally, when we run ads on Google, we prepare a landing page that is optimized for lead generation. This landing page is not directly connected to the main website. It is kept completely separate from the website.

But, some advertisers send the traffic from Google Ads to the main website only. Landing Page Optimization is one of the factors considered by Google while deciding the quality score. If you are sending the traffic to your main website and that page is optimized for Google Ads, the page will be automatically optimized for Content, Keywords, Page Speed, UX and other factors considered by Google in SEO.

In this case, the activities done by you on the landing page to optimize it for the Google Ads, will have a positive impact on SEO.

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