If you are comparing Google Search ads and Facebook ads, then YES, Facebook ads have low CTR.

The answer lies in the basics of the marketing techniques.

Push Marketing

Users are not actively looking for your information, product or service. You assume that they are interested in it and hence push your ads in front of your target audiences and the audience takes decision on whether to take action (Click/purchase/submit lead form) or not. Facebook ads and Google Display ads come under this category.

Pull Marketing

Users are actively looking for your information, product or service. Users search for products or solutions offered by you and your ad appears in front of them. Hence, there is a good chance that they will click on your ads and convert. Google Search Ads come under this category.

If you compare Google Search Ads and Facebook Ads, you will see a big difference in the CTR. But if you compare Google Display Ads and Facebook Ads, you will get similar results.

Both, push and pull marketing techniques are required to maximize the results.

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