No. Facebook ads can not help you in SEO.

All paid ads are primarily used for driving immediate results while all organic activities are used for driving organic or free traffic to your digital platforms on a long-term basis, hence it requires continuous and consistent efforts.

The fundamental requirement for Search Engine Optimisation is your content. Every page is ranked based on the keywords used in the content, relevance of the content with page titles and heading and there are several other factors in this.

So looking for SEO results by running ads on any platform is not a good idea.

The organic results are affected by organic activities only. E.g. If there are too many negative reviews of the customer on your social media pages, it will surely affect the SEO of your website.

If you want to improve your website ranking in Search Engine results, follow these tips:

  1. Create a structured website.
    • Create a logical sitemap of the website so the website users will be able to find the content they are interested in.
    • Create a logical structure for each page – each page on your website tells a story.
      • Each story has a flow. If you can not put the entire story on a single page, put it on another page and give a link of that story on this page.
      • Visual content can have a better impact on the reader of the story. Use images, videos and graphs wherever possible.
      • Stories keep the users engaged, which will lower your bounce rate and increase your SEO ranking
  2. Submit the content to all search engines
    • Do not underestimate any search engine. Submit your pages to Google, Bing/Yahoo and all other search engines that you know.
  3. Monitor the user activities continuously
    • Check on which pages the bounce rate is higher.
    • Find what your target audience is looking for on the internet.
  4. Develop and publish the content on the website based on those activities regularly.
  5. Maintain a positive reputation on Social Media platforms, forums and review websites.

Do you want to drive organic traffic to your website?

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