The ad has to appear on the 1st page.

But, there is no specific rule or formula for the ad position to get maximum conversions. It depends on the other advertisers who are bidding against you for the same keywords.

Check the ad copies of your competitors. If their ad copies are relevant to the keywords entered by you, then you must bid for the top position.

But, if those ad copies are not relevant to the keywords entered by you, then there is no point in bidding for the top position. Your potential customers will either ignore your competitors’ ads or they will go to their website and bounce back as the content/offering is not relevant to them.

E.g. If I want to target the keyword “Office interior designers” and if most of the ads talking about “Home interior”, I would bid for 2nd or 3rd position. I wouldn’t waste my money by bidding for the top position in this situation.

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